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ePUC Is Working Again
After business hours on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, our contractor made a change that has fixed the underlying issue that caused ePUC to function intermittently from September 1 through 6. Thank you for your patience while we worked with our contractor to resolve this issue.

Consistent with Section IX(d) of the Commission’s Standards and Procedures Applicable to Electronic Filing Using ePUC, because of the unavailability of portions of the ePUC system from Friday, September 1 through Wednesday, September 6, all September 1 through September 6, 2017, filing deadlines in cases that are being processed in ePUC are extended until September 7, 2017. In addition, any party to any case being processed in ePUC who believes it has been prejudiced by its inability during September 1-6 to access documents that were previously filed in ePUC may file with the Commission a request for appropriate relief in the relevant case. The Commission's order memorializing these decisions is available in ePUC (go to case number 17-4157-INV) and on the homepage of the Commission's website.

ePUC is the Vermont Public Utility Commission's ("Commission") electronic case and document management system. ePUC includes public documents and other information in many kinds of cases filed with the Commission after January 17, 2017, including:

  • utility-scale solar, wind, transmission line, and cell tower siting cases
  • advance notice filings related to siting cases
  • consumer complaints about utility service
  • investigations and various types of petitions
  • utility requests related to accounting orders, special contracts, disconnect notice forms, and PUC Rule 5.202 filings
  • energy savings accounts
  • miscellaneous administrative cases
ePUC also includes public documents and other information in net-metering cases filed with the Commission after July 3, 2017.

Information about and documents in other types of new cases filed with the Commission will be added at a later date. In addition, older Commission orders and some documents from past significant cases are continually being added to ePUC.

Without being logged in to ePUC, you can:

  • Search Commission cases
  • File a public comment with the Commission
You must be logged in to ePUC to read documents filed or issued in a case that is included in ePUC. You can either:

  • Create your own ePUC user account and log in, or
  • Log in using the "guest" ePUC user account that the Commission has created:
    • username =
    • password = password (all lower case)
Please note that you may not use the guest ePUC user account to make filings with the Commission.

You must create an ePUC user account and log in to:

  • File many types of new cases with the Commission
  • File a motion to intervene in a case that is included in ePUC
  • File additional documents in a case that is included in ePUC
  • See all cases that have been created in ePUC by you or anyone under your agency account
If you already have an ePUC user account or want to use the ePUC guest account to read documents, click the Login Now button below.

If you do not already have an ePUC user account, click the Create Account button below.

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