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8880 NorthStar Entergy Vermont Yankee Transfer Closed Case Age: 861
Regulatory / Petition: Closed Date filed: 12/16/16
NorthStar Decommissioning Holdings, LLC [Petitioner]  
3 Issue(s):Financing § 108   Conf Doc  

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    05/28/2019 Ross, Hugh [PUBCOM]
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    05/18/2018 Cremins, Andrew Neal [PUBCOM]
see attached file Acknowledged
    05/10/2018 Rice, Nancy [PUBCOM]
See attached (Acknowledged) Filed
    05/08/2018 Sullivan Sachs, Leslie [PUBCOM]
See attached (Acknowledged) Filed
    05/03/2018 Buchanan, Tom [PUBCOM]
Please see attached comments, re: Docket 8880 MOU Acknowledged
    04/23/2018 Petrovsky, Dawn [PUBCOM]
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    04/23/2018 Rousseau, Tom [PUBCOM]
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    04/23/2018 Matsuda, Thomas [PUBCOM]
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    04/20/2018 Casella, Jessie [PUBCOM]
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    04/12/2018 Stoleroff, Debra [PUBCOM]
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    04/12/2018 Granger, Michael [PUBCOM]
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    04/12/2018 Smith, Douglas [PUBCOM]
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    04/09/2018 Kopp, Susan [PUBCOM]
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    04/02/2018 Darling, Ann [PUBCOM]
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    02/28/2018 Michael, Diffenderffer K [PUBCOM]
Clear the Yankee nuclear site asap. Why waste money of letting the land go unused for 60 years? Lets also clear away the liability of hazardous episode through natural causes or terrorism. Acknowledged
    02/28/2018 Fiske, Peter H [PUBCOM]
I like the idea of decommissioning the plant sooner rather than later, as long as it's safe and affordable. Southeastern Vermont needs the economic development and the clean water and ground. Acknowledged
    02/28/2018 Hebert, Michael [PUBCOM]
I’m very optimistic that the “significant progress” made in the NorthStar/Vermont Yankee decommissioning settlement negotiations will result in a positive decision within a short period of time. As a local legislator and school board member, I have a deep sense of duty to support economic growth for my community. Vernon initially expected the Vermont Yankee site to be put in SAFSTOR for up to 60 years. The NorthStar alternative is much to be preferred. Acknowledged
    02/20/2018 Mary, Beerworth [PUBCOM]
While I am not a particular fan of nuclear power, I support the decommissioning of Vermont Yankee by NorthStar provided it is done in a clean, safe manner, because whatever helps the troubled southeastern Vermont economy will be good for the entire state’s longterm economic outlook. I urge you to ensure that the plan as proposed is unlikely to have a significant impact on the environment. Once that is assured, please consider its approval. Acknowledged
    02/15/2018 Larson, Ed [PUBCOM]
All things considered, the decommissioning plan by Northstar makes sense. I support it. I believe a good replacement is a massive biomass plant. Using Vermont's and the region's only reliable sustainable renewable natural resource, wood, is a win win. Acknowledged
    02/09/2018 Mayshark-Stavely, Mary [PUBCOM]
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    01/29/2018 Evers, Richard [PUBCOM]
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    01/26/2018 Williams, Eesha [PUBCOM]
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    01/26/2018 Christie, Elizabeth [PUBCOM]
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    01/12/2018 Harbaugh, Mary [PUBCOM]
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    12/26/2017 Buchanan, Tom [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
    10/19/2017 Vermont Division for Historic Preservation [PUBCOM]
      Azaria, Dale Esq. [PUBCOMREP]
See attached file Filed
    07/25/2017 Mackenzie, Pamela Kaye [PUBCOM]
We need a new employer to fill the void left by Vermont Yankee's shutdown. Under NorthStar's plan, this could happen by 2026. The Vermont Yankee site offers several advantages to a high-tech employer, and once an initial company takes VY's place, more may follow. Please approve the NorthStar CPG, Docket 8880. Filed
    07/25/2017 Savage, Brian K [PUBCOM]
Like many towns that have lost their main employer, Vernon is struggling to keep its economy strong and its residents from leaving to find better opportunities. The NorthStar/Vermont Yankee deal will bring 1,000 jobs a year into southern Vermont during decommissioning and establish the groundwork for a new employer as soon as 2026. Please support this important step for Windham County and for the State of Vermont and approve the NorthStar CPG. Filed
    07/24/2017 West, Timothy P [PUBCOMRO]
Windham County will reap enormous benefits if NorthStar takes control of the Vermont Yankee plant. Decommissioning will begin right away and be completed more than 40 years sooner than Entergy’s timeframe. I support the NorthStar CPG, and ask that you do too. Filed
    07/24/2017 RAYMOND, ALLYSON [PUBCOM]
Windham County will reap enormous benefits if NorthStar takes control of the Vermont Yankee plant. Decommissioning will begin right away and be completed more than 40 years sooner than Entergy’s timeframe. I support the NorthStar CPG, and ask that you do too. Filed
    05/19/2017 Oeser, Robert A. [PUBCOM]
See attached file Acknowledged
    05/12/2017 Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
    04/28/2017 Town of Vernon Selectboard [PUBCOMRO]
See attached file Filed
    04/26/2017 Eaton, Milton [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
    04/11/2017 Hozid, Zachary [PUBCOM]
See attached file Filed
    04/06/2017 Fairman, Howard [PUBCOM]
Please see attached file Filed
    04/05/2017 Angwin, Meredith [PUBCOM]
The Public Service Board should approve the NorthStar consortium purchasing Vermont Yankee, if sufficient guarantees are put in place to protect VY employees from unexpectedly early terminations. A specialized group of companies such as NorthStar will do a better, faster, less-expensive job of decomm than Entergy would do. Entergy has no particular background in this specialized work. That is why (assuming decent treatment of VY employees) the PSB should approve the sale. Filed
    03/24/2017 Unruh, Joshua [PUBCOM]
To Whom It May Concern,Vermont Yankee’s closure doesn’t mean an end to its community benefit. The site is easily accessible by rail and interstate highway, and its proximity to the VELCO switchyard offers infrastructure benefit to an industrial project requiring high volumes of electricity.Under NorthStar’s decommissioning timeline, all this can become available to a new employer in give or take 10 years. I urge you to approve the NorthStar CPG for the benefit of the Windham community. Filed
    03/24/2017 Ferland, Bradley [PUBCOM]
I am in support of the sale of Vermont Yankee to NorthStar. The advantage of an excelerated decommissioning and the economic benefit to the Windham region and the state of Vermont is fantastic. For many years opposition groups called for the shutdown of Vermont Yankee and for a quick decommissioning. The sale to NorthStar is what was asked for and a much better solution than safestor for Vermont. Please approve the sale. Filed
    03/23/2017 Cosgrove, Brendan [PUBCOM]
I would like to support Docket 8880 to allow the sale of VYNPS to Northstar and expedite the process of decommissioning the site. Northstar has extensive experience in decommissioning power plants and other highly technical remediation projects. Allowing this sale will provide many benefits to the state including decommissioning of the plant decades earlier. It will also set the stage for much needed economic development opportunities. Filed
    03/23/2017 Hoeppner, Kenneth E. [PUBCOM]
I am a longtime resident of Jeffersonville, a member of the Board of Vermont Electric Co-op. However, speaking for myself, I support the planned decommissioning of Vermont Yankee by Northstar. As someone who cares about both the environment and our economy, it is important that the radioactive material be safely removed and also return jobs to the VY area. Northstar has a strong record of decommissioning power plants and I expect the PSB will perform due diligence in its examination. Filed
    03/13/2017 Hovestadt, Joy A. [PUBCOM]
See attached file. Filed
    03/06/2017 Shaffer, Howard C III [PUBCOM]
With all used fuel removed from the plant the worst case radiation exposure is reduced to nearly routine industrial care and cleanup. The possibility of HARMFUL exposure (many times greater than regulatory limits) is zero, since whatever happened would take many hours to cause actual harm. There is time to cleanup and remove contamination. The risk of public harm is zero!! Plant opponents will lobby for even lower levels of exposure than regulatory limits. Filed
    03/02/2017 Leach, Bob Nelson [PUBCOM]
I support the sale of Vermont Yankee to NorthStar. The people at NorthStar have had significant experience in the decommissioning of large power plants and some satisfactory experience decommissioning a Nuclear power plant in the mid west. I feel this sale would benefit the people in VT. Filed
    02/27/2017 Sheppard, Heather [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    02/14/2017 Page, Guy [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    01/25/2017 Fletcher, Dean [PUBCOM]
See attached Acknowledged
    01/09/2017 Kipen, Ken & Ethel [PUBCOM]
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